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Shiva Skunk 


The Lord of Bhang is one of many titles given to the Hindu deity Shiva, and it’s said that he discovered the amazing properties of cannabis while meditating amidst a stand of ganja plants. Of all the gods, Shiva is most frequently seen to enjoy cannabis in all its forms and many of his devotees imbibe hashish as a sacrament. As the most powerful of the Skunk family and thus among the most potent Indica-dominant strains ever made available, Shiva Skunk is named in honour of the Lord of the Dance.


GENETICS NL #5 x Skunk #1

VARIETY Mostly Indica


SEX Feminised

GROWS Indoors, Outdoors


HARVEST MONTH End of September

TASTE / FLAVOUR Earthy, Lemon, Musky, Sweet

EFFECT Body, Head, Long-lasting, Strong

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