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Buy Strawberry Stardawg Cannabis Seeds UK

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Buy High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg Cannabis Seeds UK


Strain: Strawberry Stardawg
Genetics: Strawberry Diesel x Stardawg
THC: 29%
Yield: 500 - 650g per square metre
Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
QTY: 5, 10, 15, 20s

Buy Strawberry Stardawg Cannabis Seeds UK

High Grade Seeds first introduced Strawberry Stardawg to our collection in 2017 and started selling our seeds in the UK the same year. A potent strain bought by many of our customers across the uk, High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg is a strain with a similarity to our original strains, once you have had it, you want again. High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg is a hybrid plant produced by crossing a special cut of Strawberry Diesel with our legendary Stardawg. Strawberry Stardawg is a plant that can reach a THC content of up to 29% when grown in ideal conditions.

Strawberry Stardawg Cannabis Seeds UK

High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg yields between 500 and 650 grams per square metre under a 600w light. The smell and taste is just what you would expect from a hybrid of Strawberry Diesel and our original Stardawg. it smells and tastes extremely pungent like stardawg with the fuel and fruitiness of the Strawberry Diesel .

High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg needs around 4 to 5 weeks of vegetative growth followed by 8 - 9 weeks of flowering time. High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg requires moderate amounts of nutrient. Like all strains, good conditions are required for our Strawberry Stardawg to produce at it's best.

If you live in a country where it is legal to grow cannabis, High Grade Seeds Strawberry Stardawg should already be a part of your setup.

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