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Dutch Passion

Buy Dutch Passion Frisian Dew Cannabis Seeds in Manchester

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Buy Dutch Passion Frisian Dew Cannabis Seeds in Manchester

Why I should buy Frisian Dew seeds ?
A strong robust outdoor plant suitable for all climates It produces extremely high yields Prize winning hybrid with beautiful purple colours and great mold resistance For many years the favourite strain for outdoor growers worldwide Frisian Dew, a cup winner that guarantees the highest quality Frisian Dew won 1st place in 2008 at the Highlife Cup in the Netherlands. More recently, in the 2018 Homegrown Cup, Frisian Dew took 3rd place in the ‘Dutch Hash’ category. She has been an important part of the outdoor feminised seed collection for many years and still knows how to beat other new varieties with ease. The buds of Frisian Dew are fruity and fresh Frisian Dew is a perfect hybrid cannabis plant with a fresh, fruity, floral taste and aroma. It can vary from fruity (forest fruits) and slightly lemon-like to more pine-like and lavender. Some phenotypes smell a bit more like earth, ammonia and herbs - a characteristic from her Skunk parents. Her terpene profile is unique and provides a pleasant smoking experience. A beautiful outdoor feminised variety that also tastes great!

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