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Anesia Seeds

Buy Anesia Seeds (Landrace Collection) Malawi Gold Seeds UK

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Buy Anesia Seeds (Landrace Collection) Malawi Gold Seeds UK

Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold of Anesia comes from Malawi, a country in south-east Africa and is one of the world most psychoactive plants. In its native country it is grown in the north on a 1200m high plateau. In this subtropical region not a single drop of water falls from November to April, however, the rainy season determines the overall climate. During this period, Malawi flourishes golden and has due to the hot and humid climate boasts an extreme mould resistance.

Malawi Gold is the number 1 export in the country. The seeds from ANESIA are only one generation converted from the original variety and possess all the properties of the Queen of Africa. Malawi Gold from Anesia Seeds is one of the finest Sativa strains in the world.

Malawi Gold Landraces by ANESIA: The Queen of Africa for Your Garden

This pure sativa can be grown indoors and outdoors and is very easy to cultivate. Malawi Gold has a fruity, flowery smell and taste. The effects of the Malawi Gold strain are extremely psychoactive with a clear high that lasts for several hours. She should be consumed carefully by beginners. It is especially recommended for experienced users that seek extreme heavy sativa effects. The resulting buds are sticky, with visible resin glands and the high hits you fast with a crashing wave of cerebral energy that leaves you laser-focused with a sense of motivation and purpose.


Product Features:

  • Yield: Very High
  • Genetics: Pure Sativa
  • Flowering time: 10 – 13 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: End of October
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height: 120-150 cm • 200-350 cm
  • THC: 20%
  • Aromas/ Flavours: Floral, Lemon


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