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Buy Anesia Seeds True Gold OG Cannabis Seeds UK

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Buy Anesia Seeds True Gold OG Cannabis Seeds UK

True Gold OG

This OG is a crossbreeding of an indigenous Kush from Afghanistan and our famous cup-winning Bruce Banner #3.

Endless amounts of resin crystals glittering on the dense heavy buds, along with the honey brown pistles, turning the flowers of the True Gold OG to golden yellow nuggets. She has a delightfully pleasant and smooth smoke. This indica dominant strain gets countless huge and dense buds that become golden in late flowering. The flower has a intense fruit aroma with clear hints of sweet strawberries.

True Gold OG produces an exceptionally potent and beautiful looking golden weed that will make even the most devoted of smokers weak. The smoke tastes sweet and extremely fruity. The High is a great mixture of strong head and body effects that come on quick and lasts for a couple of hours.

This strain grows to a medium height and has a bushy, almost ball like structure, producing a large amount of lateral branching. The buds are huge, dense and heavy, and covered in sticky honey like resin which gives the plant an almost golden sheen. THC levels are at the high end of spectrum and have been measured at 27%.

True Gold OG marijuana is highly recommended to users who have a high tolerance and are looking for an awesome hit. The exceptional potency and high intensity of the effects are incredible to experience.

Product Features:

  • Afghan Kush x Bruce Banner #3.
  • Yield:¬†High
  • Genetics:¬†Indica dominant
  • Flowering time:¬†55-63 days
  • Outdoor harvest:¬†End of September
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Height:¬†90-130 cm ‚ÄĘ 120-160 cm
  • THC:¬†27%
  • Aromas/ Flavours:¬†Candy, Mango, Strawberry


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